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As we all know about the Khan Academy. It’s a non-profit educational website started by Salman“Sal” Khan (American educator, Mathematician, entrepreneur) with the aim of providing free educational videos/lessons in several educational categories that help students to educate for free. Khan Academy introduces the Official SAT Practice in 2015 and this practice has been used by more than 3.7 million students. The Official SAT Practice by Khan Academy provides us a tailored practice plan according to your SAT or PSAT/NMSQT scored. The report says that studying about SAT on Khan Academy for 20 Hours will lead to an average increase of 115-points. Basically, Khan Academy and College Board both are non-profit organizations and they have teamed up to provide free, Optimized, Useful SAT study resources/tools to help all students regardless of income level or background, prepare for the SAT and college-level courses.


Official SAT Practice boosts up the students what they are learning in school by helping them focus on the knowledge and skills that are most important for college. The Biggest goal of Khan Academy and College Board is to minimize the difficulty of the SAT test by their Official SAT Practice by which the SAT is directly related to their future success. In this article you will learn about, What is the SAT, What’s inside the Khan Academy SAT Preparation? Firstly we have to know about, What is the SAT?

SAT Test

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is an Organized test started by College Board in 1926 which is widely used for college admissions and to assess students that how their schools prepared them for college by measuring key skills, in the US (United States) Which is run by College Board, a private and non-profit organization that also circulates the PSAT & the AP(Advanced Placement) program. The SAT is completely owned, developed and published by the College Board. The SAT is basically taken by high school juniors and seniors. Acc. to the College Board, the SAT includes literacy, numeracy, and writing skills that are very important to success in College. The combination with high school grade po0int average provides a higher success rate in college than high school grade alone.

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SAT Test Structure

There are five sections in the SAT test (5th is optional): Reading, writing, Language, Math (no calculator) or (with a calculator). The 5th test is to write an essay may be done by the test taker. The total time to finish the test with 4 sections is three hours or three hours fifty minutes if the optional essay section is taken by the test taker. There is another section in which few Questions are given that may appear in Future administrations of the SAT may be taken by those test takers who haven’t taken the essay section (these questions are only for practice, no marks will be given if a test taker attempts this section).

Reading Test

The Quick Facts about the Reading test is that all questions in the reading test are multiple choice and they all are based on passages, some passages are paired with other passages, Information graphics, such as tables and charts are related to some passages and the last that the reading test is a part of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section. The Skills and Knowledge you have learned in your High School is the most effective thing to succeed in your college. This test is all about how you take in the skills and knowledge into you, how much better you think about to use the information. It’s not about what you are cram a night before, how well you memorize facts and definitions.

You will need to apply reading skills in all sorts of subjects to succeed in college and career. But this is not only the fact to do well on reading tests. Reading test also includes:

  •  A world literature passage or a passage from a contemporary or classic work of the U.S.
  •  A section about economics, psychology, sociology, or some other social science.
  •  One passage or a pair of passages from either a U.S. founding document or a text in the Great Global conversation they inspired. The U.S. Constitution or a speech by Nelson Mandela, for example.
  •  Two science passages (or one passage and one passage pair) that examine foundational concepts and developments in Earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics

The Reading test measures a lot of things that you might realize into reading and a wide range of reading skills. Some questions ask you  to:  `

  •  The passage or a pair of passages include evidence that supports the best answer to a previous question or delivers a reasonable conclusion.
  •  You have to find a relationship between an informational graphics and the passage it’s paired with.
  •  To support their claims how the author uses evidence.

Writing & Language Test

Basically, in SAT writing and Language test there are some deliberate errors and grammatical errors present in the test and you will be asked to be an editor to improve passages. When you start the Writing and language test, you will do 3 things that you use every time you proofread your own school work or workshop essays with a friend and the things are, Firstly you Read the test and then you find mistakes and weaknesses in test and finally you fix the errors from the exam. These are the practical skills that you use to find and rectify the stuff that you have been learning in your high school days to succeed in college. The Quick Facts about the Writing and Language test is that all questions in this test are multiple choice and they all are based on passages, some passages are paired with other passages, Information graphics, such as tables and charts are related to some passages and the last that the Writing and Language test is a part of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section. In this test, you have to look closely at a single sentence when you starting answering some questions.

The Writing and Language test measures a range of skills & the skills are :

  1. Command of Evidence: Always go for those answers which convey the relevant details regarding the questions that have been asked in the test as it will help you to improve the development of ideas.
  2. Words in Context: Your goal will be to make a passage more abbreviated or appropriate by choosing the best words based on text surrounded them.
  3. Analysis in History/Social Science and in Science: There are some errors in the passages about topics in history, social studies, and science which you have to read carefully and rectify them.
  4. Expression of Ideas: To make sentences and paragraphs work together you have to change words and structural changes to makes its point and to improve connectivity between sentences and paragraphs.
  5. Standard English Conventions: The Building Blocks of English Writing are sentence structure, usage, and punctuation and you have to put it correctly in the asked topics like changing words, clauses, sentences, and punctuation. you will be asked to change the topics like verb tense, parallel construction, subject-verb arrangement, and comma use.

Math Test

In the SAT Math test, you will be facing math practices with an emphasis on problem-solving, modeling, using tools strategically, and using algebraic structure. Instead of testing, your subject matter, Sat asks you to use the math on which you will trust in all situations. Questions on Math exams are designed to help you solve the problem. For, example, to answer some questions you may need to use several steps-because in the real world with a single calculation is hardly enough to get the job done. The Quick facts of  Math test are that those questions called grid-ins- are asking you to come up with the answer gladly than select the answer, this test is dived into two portions- one is Math Test with a calculator and the second is Math Test without a calculator. The Math Test focuses on the three areas of math in depth and also draws on Additional  topics in Maths including trigonometry and geometry that plays the biggest role mainly in college majors and careers and the areas are:

  1. Heart of Algebra assesses the student ability to analyze, easily solve, and creating linear equations.
  2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis, the ability to create a representation of a problem and know how to use different properties of operations and objects.
  3. Passport to Advanced Math, Understanding of the structure of expressions and the ability to analyze, manipulate, and rewrite these expressions

The Math Test measures fluency, Conceptual Understanding, Applications.

  • Fluency – The Math test is an opportunity to show that you flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and strategically able to attend the Questions Properly, you have the strength to solve problems quickly by identifying only and using the best efficient solution approaches.
  • Conceptual Understanding – Understanding Math is about to understand the mathematical concepts and the relation between the operations and the equations. Once your concepts are clear you will be able to make a connection between the linear equations and its context.
  • Applications – These real-world problems tell you to analyze a situation, to determine the problem, to solve the problem, mathematically and to find a solution.

Tips to Remember

To memorizing the words is not a key to a high score and the real world facts that you never use, think again. Cram a night before the exam or finding secret tricks will not help you to crack the exam. The habits and options that lead to success in your school will help you get ready for the SAT Test. Take challenging courses, Get your homework done, Ask and answer a lot of questions and prepare for the test and quizzes will help you in preparing for the test.

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